Tip #1 – Use Lightweight Image Files

  • Optimise them for lowest possible file size but maintaining highest quality
  • Ensure the image downloads as fast as possible
  • If your image is slow to download, there’s a 53% bounce rate if it takes more than 3s to load!
  • Tools to help

Tip #2 – Single, Prominent Call to Action

  • Use clear and multiple ‘CTAs’ = Calls To Action – Capture / convert to lead or sale
  • Feature a large CTA button on every sales focused page, direct them to the enquiry / conversion page
  • Always try to include your phone number and email address in the header (great for mobiles!)
  • Specifically, for computers and tablets, put a clear intro message and CTA above the fold (typically 600 pixels tall including the menu)
  • Try to ensure the focus is on message first, then CTA then graphics… Avoid distractions!

Tip #3 – Clarify Your Value Proposition

  • Ensure your message is clear and direct (What, why, who, where, when etc)
  • Try to write like a news reporter, use a short and to the point headline, followed by a paragraph summarising the page content / message
  • Use this basic check list;
    1. Clear sales message
    2. Ease of contact
    3. Nice clean & clear design
    4. Spelling & grammar checked…!

Tip #4 – Make Your Website Homepage Copy Easy to Scan

  • Make sure the text is easy to scan read
  • Only 16% people read word for word online!
  • Use a common text layout format to all pages such as:
    1. Sub-headings
    2. Lists / bullets
    3. Try captions
    4. Keep sentences short
    5. Don’t forget the CTA!

Tip #5 – Have People in Your Photos

  • A picture paints a 1000 words, so choose carefully
  • Photos featuring people boost conversions
  • Better still people using your product or service are worth their weight in gold!
  • Try to show the practical use of your product or service
  • Action / in use photos give reassurance to a potential buyer… Instant trust building!

Using even just a couple of these tips will help you get more out of your website, so give them a go! 😊

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