I’m an avid follower of James Clear, his book Atomic Habits has been fundamental in supporting my business and personal growth in the last 12 months. His 3-2-1 Thursday email is also excellent and one I always read… when most I do not!

The idea of his below really struck a chord with me. Even though yes at times been self-employed can be a lonely and stressful place, especially in recent months… I love it for the EXACT four reasons below! ❤

“The 4 qualities of a great career:

1) I enjoy it
2) I’m good at it
3) I make good money
4) I’m around fascinating people

Answer in reverse order:

1) Where are fascinating people?
2) In what ways can I make money with them?
3) Which ones am I good at?
4) Which ones do I enjoy?”

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