Commercial energy saving tips to save money and grow your business!

When it comes to commercial energy saving tips, it’s not always about saving money. While that is clearly important to businesses of all sizes, we understand it’s equally important to save energy usage as well as costs and put it to good use throughout your organisation.

Our prime focus is ensuring the Energy Services make sense to you in terms of pounds and pence, whilst embracing the view, “it’s not sustainable unless it’s economically sustainable”.

Our approach is perfectly matched with ours in that all projects must pay for themselves within an acceptable ROI period. They will aim to help customers reduce their energy costs from between 10% to 40%. The depth of savings will always depend on what energy efficiency measures have already been rolled out, your building/operation type and your ROI expectations.

“Save upto 40% on energy costs!”

Utilise these commercial energy saving tips to grow your business!

It might sound too good to be true but you can truly cut your energy usage, save money on your energy bills, go-green and all whilst growing your business by putting those savings to work by funding a digital marketing investment where we guarantee it will pay for itself in 12 months…

“It’s a Win, Win… Win!”

We recognise that every business is different. Some may operate from a single smart meter, while others occupy multi-sites with far greater loads to numerous buildings. That’s where Energy Management software comes into play. Energy dashboard software assists with savings planning, giving the user data from smart or half hourly meters showing consumption and costs.

Projections show cost and usage over any time period ranging from one week to a full year, and differences between day/night tariffs are also visible. The Power Management service aims to cut your bills, capacity and excess charges in 2 interlinked ways: Demand Management, and On-site Power Generation and Storage. Take control of expensive, unnecessary peak demand charges by better managing when you use energy.

Energy monitoring software uses your historical data to identify savings opportunities at your sites just by reducing peaks in your energy demand, or briefly shifting operating activities. Energy saving alert features tip you off when demand reduction opportunities arise, and exactly what to do, with enough time to act.

Its our commitment to doing whatever it takes to provide their our with the complete package energy management solutions that a modern business needs to;

Cut energy usage

Save money on energy bills

Grow revenue with investing savings into digital marketing

Go-green by embracing EV charging

Monitor constantly how to save even more energy

While our partners works in the present, just like our digital marketing solutions, they recognise they need to stay one step ahead of the competition by looking to the future too. Take the evolution of electric vehicles as a case in point. Our partners believe that workplace charging points will be essential to enabling EV-mobility and have developed a business-friendly EV charging service.

They will ensure that fully managing your business’s Electric Vehicle charging points is as hassle-free, low cost as possible. Our partners offers the full end to end solution for EV charge point network operators – site appraisal and capacity checks, site survey, design, determination of point of connection, self-connection to DNO network and all civil construction.

“Over 2000 clients and growing!”

EV solutions are suitable for any sized business, from start-ups to blue-chip corporates, and with 2,000+ workplace customers under their belt.

What’s more, our partners design, supply and install rapid electric vehicle charging solutions for ‘destination charging’ such as shopping centres, cinemas, retail parks, ensuring customers always have access to a charge. In some cases they can offer fully funded solutions!

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