Specialist small business finance broker with expert digital marketing support

The great thing about effective online marketing backed up with a small business finance broker is when your business sees a considerable increase in revenue, it can often present significant challenges to areas like cashflow if you are not prepared… So to help, we partnered with a leading business finance specialist – Atlas Trade Finance.

The more your business grows the more and more apparent these challenges become. Achieving consistent and sustainable growth should already be fundamental for you, either way, we can help. Expansion can lead to all sorts of exciting opportunities for the company and new experiences for employees. But it’s important to be prepared for the obstacles that might arise on the path to long-term success… This usually means effective financial management, with potential help from a small business finance broker.

From ensuring you have the cashflow to keep products flows and projects moving, to keeping your loyal staff happy, to maintaining efficiency in an increasingly complex organisation, are just some of the challenges your business could encounter as it grows. Here is how we will help;

Advice and support throughout your contract with us.

Tailor the right lender to the right client.

Advise on terms to get the best deal.

Find the best fee structure for clients.

Advice regarding Security / PGs

Atlas however are not just a small business finance broker, they work with businesses of all sizes from start-ups to PLCs. They help clients with a wide range of challenges including: Financial support during crisis, fast growth, expansion, general shocks to cashflow i.e. bad debts and restructuring.

A small business finance broker that Delivers!

Atlas often work with our clients throughout their business lifetime. Whether you need finance to start a new venture or investment to grow an existing one, the Atlas team can help you on all the key areas of commercial finance listed below;

Invoice finance

Is a great way to raise money against customer invoices to improve cashflow to take on larger contracts etc.

Specialist commercial finance

 Sometimes business need to raise money to grow in creative ways, such as crowd funding. In other situations, for example COVID-19, specialist business interruption loans maybe required.

Commercial property finance

Typically used by a business for acquiring property to trade from, refinancing an existing facility to raise funds or seek a better rate, redevelop a property or help fund acquisitions.

Trade finance

Whether you import, export or both, get financial support to improve your cash flow, build working capital and open doors to greater opportunities for your business.

Asset finance

 A suite of different products designed to help you purchase or refinance assets. Whether they be machinery, equipment, vehicles or something else, the options available are as flexible as the loan terms.

Small business finance

Products aimed to help smaller SME’s, sole traders and partnerships. The funding may be from the government or the private sector. The funding is available to customers with a wide range of credit histories.

Merchant services

Whether you need to take card payments at the till, on-line, at tables or on the move we have solutions to suit every requirement.

Commercial insurance

 From general commercial insurance, to credit insurance and personal guarantee insurance, our partners will ensure you get the right level of cover for the best possible price.

Why Atlas Trade Finance?

Atlas Trade Finance Limited was formed in 1997 and is a specialist financial services company that focuses on providing businesses with whatever type of finance they need to grow or restructure, including Commercial Finance, Trade Finance and Merchant Services. Atlas’ Directors each have upto 40 years of corporate finance experience in a wide range of sectors prior to starting Atlas Trade Finance.

Atlas are a leading small business finance broker and they will help you by finding the best funding solutions dependent on your needs. This will be a combination of the best price, the right level of funding, the minimum amount of security required with high service levels, perfectly suited to your business. They guarantee great results and are fuelled by their commitment to provide excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with their work.

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