People who know me know I’m a member and a big fan of a business networking group called BNI, this post isn’t about that, this time 😊, but a saying that we often use, that of ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything’…

This is closely related to another saying, ‘you only get one chance to make a great first impression’. If we get into the ‘habit’ of doing the best we possibly can in any situation, no matter what life throws at us we will always make a great first impression whilst showing potential clients and partners this is how we ‘do everything!’.

If we fully embrace the ethos of living to a higher standard for ourselves, we can help others achieve it too… Because we all have bad days and you never know when you will need that help in return.

With that in mind, I came across an excellent excerpt on this subject from the foreword to Patterns of Software by Richard P. Gabriel (Via James Clear’s 3-2-1 Thursday);

Architect Christopher Alexander on the importance of high standards:

“In my life as an architect, I find that the single thing which inhibits young professionals, new students most severely, is their acceptance of standards that are too low. If I ask a student whether her design is as good as Chartres, she often smiles tolerantly at me as if to say, “Of course not, that isn’t what I am trying to do. … I could never do that.”

Then, I express my disagreement, and tell her: “That standard must be our standard. If you are going to be a builder, no other standard is worthwhile. That is what I expect of myself in my own buildings, and it is what I expect of my students.”

Gradually, I show the students that they have a right to ask this of themselves, and must ask this of themselves. Once that level of standard is in their minds, they will be able to figure out, for themselves, how to do better, how to make something that is as profound as that.

Two things emanate from this changed standard. First, the work becomes more fun. It is deeper, it never gets tiresome or boring, because one can never really attain this standard. One’s work becomes a lifelong work, and one keeps trying and trying. So it becomes very fulfilling, to live in the light of a goal like this.

But secondly, it does change what people are trying to do. It takes away from them the everyday, lower-level aspiration that is purely technical in nature, (and which we have come to accept) and replaces it with something deep, which will make a real difference to all of us that inhabit the earth.”

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