As the world goes into another iFrenzy, it got me thinking about why there is always so much hype for a product that ultimately performs no better than some of the Android alternatives out there?

I should add at this point that I am an Apple advocate; iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac the list goes on.

In the past you might have been able to point to the fact that you could do more on an iPhone than an Android alternative, but this selling point has now been all but eliminated, with pretty much all applications now being developed across both options.

Another reasonable answer could be that people don’t like change. There’s no arguing the fact that Apple were the first to the party when it comes to Smartphones, and in doing so they stole a huge march on their competitors and now their loyal fans are reluctant to leave. Or have the others not done enough to tempt them away?

While some of these points are very much valid and part of the overall equation, you have to credit a huge amount of this to their brand.

When we talk about brand, in essence we mean how customers perceive them and “what makes a brand valuable is when customers are willing to pay more for them, or are more likely to buy them.”

Well you can score 2 for Apple right there!

You’ll never find the word brand listed on a company’s balance sheet, because you can’t see or touch it (it’s intangible) and therefore accurately measure its true impact on a business, however Forbes recently estimated the value of the Apple brand to be $151billion, a massive 87% more than their closest rival Google.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the top 5 most valuable brands in the world;



How have they achieved this? 

To answer this question you could write a list as long as your arm, with a whole load of technical reasons dating back many years, and these reasons could be discussed and debated to death, but ultimately it’s Apple’s continued efforts to ensure their brand remains focused on appealing to people’s emotions which lies at the heart of their success.

Apple’s “brand personality,” which runs through the entire company, focuses on simplicity and removing complexity from people’s lives, which when combined with their people-driven product design has positioned them as being a company that truly understands and cares about their customers, and that really matters to today’s consumers! You just have to go in one of their high street stores to see this for yourself.

So I guess it’s fitting to finish by asking the question, what proportion of the £599 you just paid to pre-order your iPhone 7 was for the phone, and how much for the brand?