The Summer Olympics is a small event with a little bit of history, well that’s an understatement! 

For me the Summer Olympics are the greatest sporting spectacle on planet Earth (I challenge anyone to prove me wrong). Like many others I am sure, I find myself glued to the television every night for 2 weeks watching sports that I wouldn’t normally even entertain the idea of, the other night I found myself staying up way past my bed time to watch a spot of Fencing! 

For some reason I also seem to appreciate the Olympic games more and more as I grow older, perhaps this has more to do with Team GB’s change in fortunes than the event itself? I certainly get a feeling of pride and patriotism (this doesn’t happen often enough) when I see our athletes being so successful in Rio. 

Anyway, away from the sporting spectacle one small thing that I always look forward to seeing for the first time is the official branding… Initially I tend to have the same reactions as every other human being, I either like it, I love it or I hate it.  

Then I start and look at it from a graphic designer’s perspective and appreciate the amount of time, effort, research and money that must have gone into their attempts to getting this exactly right. Because this logo has to be so much more than any ordinary logo, for starters it will have a target audience of more than 1 billion people and this target audience will be made up of the widest possible variety of cultures, so creating something that appeals to each and every one of these is no easy feat. Oh and then there’s the small matter of ensuring that it symbolises so much more than the sporting competition we watch on our screens.

So, my thoughts on the Rio 2016 logo? I LOVE IT and I love what it symbolises, I could talk about this forever but I won’t, instead there is a great video below explaining all about the logos design process and how they’ve strived to “represent the passion and transformation of a city and an entire country, and then project these values to the rest of the world.”

It’s also fun to take a look back at the time line of summer olympic games logos from the last 3 decades and see how graphic design has evolved;