Too many times we see organisations failing to recognise the importance a great landing page plays in converting potential customers into cash.

They’ll have done all the handwork of putting together a great marketing campaign, using a variety of online marketing channels to drive traffic to their website and then forgotten, or overlooked, the importance of creating a landing page that specifically relates to that campaign.

As a user having clicked on an advert, there’s nothing more off-putting than being directed through to a generic homepage and then having to navigate their website to find the specific product that initially caught your attention, today’s mobile users simply won’t stand for it.

Landing pages should be the heart and soul of your online marketing efforts, so why aren’t you using them? Perhaps it’s because your marketing department (if you’re lucky enough to have one) doesn’t know how to set them up, or if they do they don’t have the time! Well sorry, but landing pages are far too important to ignore, and here’s a few reasons why;

  1. You’ll Generate More Leads

Quite simply, landing pages will help you generate more leads.

If you’re not directing traffic through from your online advertising to a specific landing page, it’s the equivalent of going to the effort of attending a networking event and engaging in a couple of hours of painful small talk, only to toss the business cards you just worked so hard to collect straight into the bin when you get back in the office.

2. You’ll Get More Familiar with Your Customers

Working in marketing, you’ll know the most important aspect of your job is understanding as much about your customers as possible.

A good landing page will either sell the product that was the focus of your marketing efforts, or generate a warm lead via an online form for you to follow up on. Either way, you’ll be getting some very valuable information about who is interested in your offering and reacting to your marketing, which is extremely useful when it comes to understanding how to sell/market more effectively in the future.

3. They’ll Help You Measure Effectiveness

Every time you create a new landing page you create another asset where you can learn more about your customers and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Tracking and analysing the metrics associated with your landing pages in google analytics will help you compare things like the performance of your marketing offers, what social media platforms work best for you and what types of content are most engaging. Again giving you a great insight into how you can improve your future marketing efforts.

4. They’ll Improve Your Local Search Performance

One of the most effective ways to rank higher on local searches and mobile devices is to have more local content. So creating landing pages that feature localised content is a great way to grow this content with out compromising on content relevance.

5. They’ll Increase Your Conversion Rates

Any form of online advertising will be far more effective when directed to a page dedicated to supporting the message relayed in your advert. Don’t be inclined at this stage to try and up sell your other products, not before you’ve sold what they initially came for. Stick to selling what got the visitor there in the first place, satisfy this need and there will be plenty of opportunity to increase your customer’s average spend in the not too distant future.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to the great effort of marketing your business online, it’s important to recognise that getting your potential customers to your website is only half the battle, at best. Converting this interested party into someone willing to invest their hard earned money is no easy feet. However, creating a landing page that is geared towards this objective will significantly increase your chances of achieving this!

If you would like help understanding a little bit more about landing pages or some assistance in designing one for your marketing campaigns, we’d be more than happy to help.