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Many companies don’t have the time or resources to effectively strategise, develop and implement their own successful sales generating digital marketing… As a revenue focused digital marketing agency with offices in Gateshead and Birkenhead, we will take care of all 3… and it might not cost you a penny!

We will take care of everything for you, from researching and writing the perfect strategy, to planning and writing effective content to producing great traffic converting design, to then finally pulling it all together in a package of digital marketing solutions that help you increase sales, and grow your business in the most cost effective and innovative way possible!

Our effective digital marketing agency solutions provide our clients with a tailored range of sales and lead generating services, designed specifically to generate new business customers that will be the life-blood of your businesses future growth.

Marketing and Business Planning

“40+ years of combined experience”

To us the most important part of running a business is ensuring a continuous flow of new business. You can and should sell more to existing customers, but combining effective account management with a winning strategy for gaining new customers is how to take your business to amazing new heights!

With our 40+ years of combined experience in sales and marketing, combined with all the essential elements of what makes a digital marketing agency effective, starting with in-depth marketing and business planning, on just one page, we ensure that we cover everything needed to create the greatest results possible for the minimum investment!

The business plan serves as a road map from start-up and throughout the life of your business. It helps you stay focused on the goals you set initially and should be modified regularly to adapt to future changes in the industry.

The marketing plan is the roadmap to your business growth goals and the marketing strategy is the fuel to get you there. The marketing strategy describes how your business will accomplish a mission or goal.

Digital Media Design and Management

Digital design is present in almost all areas of our everyday lives, often without us even realising it. It is not just websites, it is literally everywhere, look around you now and chances are the majority of what you see will have had some digital design.

In the modern world we live, dominated by smart device technology and the internet, there has never been more pressure on businesses to make their brand standout in the global marketplace. Effective digital design will ensure the company communicates to their target market, in the most profitable way, choosing the right digital marketing agency is essential.

We take the holistic approach, we never just focus on only developing a pretty website, you have to be much more sophisticated than that to thrive now. We review everything from the ground up, from what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it…. And most importantly, when you want to achieve it by!

We work to your goals, your mission and ensure your branding works together to achieve them. We use all the resources at our disposal to ensure your investment in us pays for itself many times over!

“Your investment pays for itself many times over”

Persuasive Copy Writing

Persuasive copywriting is the glue that sticks everything together! You might have a great looking website, you might also have a high traffic driving Ad campaign… but without the right message, in the right place you won’t compel your potential customers to part with their cash, or make that essential enquiry!

We are a digital marketing agency with a sales focused mindset. We will soak up all your of your current product / service information, then re-write it so that it helps you communicate in a way that speaks your value, engages your customers and drives ever increasing revenue!

Social Media Management

It’s simply to huge to ignore… social media marketing works, fact. Facebook alone had 2 billion monthly and active users by the end of 2017. Add to that YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and now TikTok, its without question people who you want to sell to will be active somewhere online!

Over the past 20 years, social networks have changed the way we communicate and interact with our friends, family and colleagues. All age groups are at some level engaged in a variety of platforms. So, it’s easy to see why business has embraced social media as a direct means of contacting customers, this is even true of course for the B2B companies.

Whatever your business offering, having a presence on social media makes sense and can bring many benefits not just revenue generation. Even if you do not take an additional social media marketing service from us, we will include it in your overall marketing strategy and ensure whatever you do contributes to the business growth goals we agree!

Exceptional Client Communication

Effective communication is at the backbone of everything we do. All our clients get a WhatsApp group so there is instant access between your team and ours, 24hrs a day 7 days per week. We understand in this fast-paced modern world things change often and fast, you will see us as an extension of your own in-house team not just your outsourced digital marketing agency. Need something done quick, no problem just message us and we’ll sort it.

In addition to instant communication we do of course ensure we constantly measure our strategy’s performance, we report everything monthly alongside agreeing the plan for the following month or if needed any required changes to the 6 month plan.

Some clients also like to get a weekly interim report on organic and advertising results, this is always ready to go at a click of a button so if you have weekly sales and marketing meetings we can ensure you get the data you need to keep the new business flowing in!

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