There have been many different websites and platforms that claim to have the best AI content writing capabilities, but none of them could truly replicate the tone of natural human speech until ChatGPT. It’s the hot topic that everyone is talking about, now that ChatGPT is out there, others will likely start to follow suit, which brings us to the question of this article. We will be exploring whether AI content writers are beneficial in the digital marketing world, or if we are all set to be replaced by them eventually. 


What makes ChatGPT different?

As we’ve mentioned, ChatGPT isn’t the first system that is designed to write content, but it is arguably the best. It was created by Open AI as a pre-trained generative chat using Natural Language Processing (NLP). This means that it uses human written sources like articles and websites as a foundation to form its own content in a natural way responding to interaction. 

Its main purpose was to be used for virtual assistants and chatbots for customer service, but it can also serve to write other long forms of content in a voice that sounds like human speech. Therefore, ChatGPT is succeeding where others before it have failed, as previous renditions of AI content writers have sounded robotic and not like how a person would write content. 


Is there a place for AI content writers in digital marketing?

ChatGPT has certainly opened up a dialogue about the uses of AI content writers and where they fit in various industries and roles, including advertising copywriting. Some businesses and marketers might be thinking that they won’t have to write their own content ever again now that ChatGPT is on the scene. However, the general consensus from many professionals who have been using the system for various uses is that whilst it is a very useful tool that can assist with some writing related tasks, it is definitely not a replacement for human content writers. 

AI will always have drawbacks and ways in which it simply cannot match the level of human content creation no matter how natural it sounds. The main issues with content generators are: 

  • They need human prompts to be able to write the content, it cannot just be created from nothing. ChatGPT has fields where a person can enter the topic, tone of voice, and any other important factors they want the content to include. You would still need to provide a certain amount of detail in order to get good quality content in return the system and if you’re only doing short pieces of content, how much time are you really saving by not writing it yourself? 
  • Open AI found that ChatGPT had developed biases surrounding gender, race, and religion due to the training data it was using to form its content. This can be extremely problematic and harmful to businesses and customers, so if you are currently using ChatGPT be sure to always monitor the content that is being produced carefully. Some sites have even banned text created by ChatGPT due to it creating answers that could be damaging to both the site and those looking for solutions to their problems. Stack Overflow is a good example of this, it is a site that allows developers to ask questions and provide answers to coding-based problems. 
  • Content generators demand a lot of resources and cost a lot of money to develop and accurately train to provide suitable responses. Good quality content never comes for free and like with most systems you can use ChatGPT for free initially, but Open AI uses a subscription model for access to the API so users can pay for the amount they use it. 



Ultimately, AI content writers like ChatGPT can be quite beneficial as a tool for writers and marketers who need support with small tasks like finding FAQs and creating content for placeholders. However, the entire job of a writer and all the detailed tasks involved in that are something that can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence (much to the relief of this copywriter!). 

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