You may remember that earlier in the year we had a competition to support a charity across the Liverpool/Wirral/Chester region. Well, the wait is over, and the winner is Yellow House! They’re a wonderful organisation doing brilliant work in the heart of Liverpool. 

At Deliver Media, we love working with local businesses because they’re a big part of what makes Merseyside such a great place to be. This was a big reason for our giveaway competition in the first place – to give back. As a result, we’re excited to get the Yellow House brand looking great, and their website to being a platform that allows them to connect with more young people in need of support. 

“We had 100’s of amazing applicants and chose the lucky winner at random, who happened to be Yellow House. Exciting times ahead for this great charity” – Scott. 

Who are Yellow House? 

Based in central Liverpool on Dale Street, Yellow House has been a registered charity for 30 years as of 2023. They are committed to the social, emotional, and developmental health of young people. To this end, Yellow House’s work involves providing opportunities for people to explore creative outlets they might not have access to. It also seeks to create safe atmosphere where attendees feel welcome and able to voice and nurture their creative ideas. 

Yellow House is inspired by the property where Vincent Van Gogh lived and worked. He always had his door open so people within the community could come take part in his art. Van Gogh himself suffered from feelings of isolation, depression, and loneliness for much of his life. 

Creative sessions  

At Yellow House, anyone can be an artist. As a result, these sessions are focused on art forms like drawing, painting, sketching, photography, clay modelling, and more. The charity wants to encourage young people to find their passion, which is exactly what the creative sessions are there to help with. Attendees are also supported through mentoring and teaching. In this way, the charity hopes to imbue local young people with valuable experience, motivation, and a sense of responsibility. 

Creative workshops 

Yellow House’s creative workshops consist of physical expression through games and theatrical exercises. Here, attendees are given the chance to meet, interact, and work with artists from a variety of backgrounds. This way, the charity gives young people the chance to develop and improve skills to move forward with their ideas. It’s a mentality that can be applied beyond the arts. 


Yellow House also does lots of charity work outside of their premises. In the past they’ve provided outreach workshops all over the world, supporting companies and vital institutions like schools. The charity takes part in programmes throughout the UK, as well as many in Europe. 

Where it all started

Founder George McKane decided to create Yellow House in the 1980s. His idea was for there to be safe space to engage young people who are feeling isolated and excluded from many aspects of community and cultural life. Over time, Yellow House would continue to grow and develop the ways it supports local young people. 

Now George is flanked by Creative Director Christian Anderson and Programme and Development Director Rachel Corbett. Having trained in physical theatre at drama school, as well as gaining professional experience, Christian has been leading Yellow House’s creative workshops for 16 years. Rachel attended Yellow House herself when she was 13 years old. After going to university and getting her degree, she came back to the charity as a volunteer. Fast forward to today, where she’s responsible for organising activities and scheduling for Yellow House all year round. 

What services Deliver are providing 

Unless you do digital marketing for a living like we do, you probably have no idea what £5000 worth of services looks like (and we’re not expecting you to!). We don’t like to beat around the bush, so to demonstrate our transparency we’re going to be breaking down all the work we’re doing for Yellow House. Of course, when we work with a business, they’re free to pick and choose from our full range of services, including SEO content creation, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and more.  

For the competition, we wanted to ensure our efforts were focused on areas that would have a lasting impact without the need for constant input. 

Branding design 

We’ve created a bespoke brand design for Yellow House that builds on their identity. ‘Turning lives around’ is the core slogan of the charity, so our designer Jay made sure this came through in the branding. We also aimed to combine this with the artistic and creative nature of their work, as well as the charity’s Van Gogh inspiration. Of course, keeping the sunflower was a no-brainer. 

The result is a friendly brand logo that supports the values of the charity. The sunflower petals are spreading out from the house, just as those who attend Yellow House sessions are given the ability to go out and make the most of the world around them. This design is now owned by Yellow House, who are free to use it on printed literature, stationary, banners, wall artwork, graphics, email templates, email signatures & digital newsletters. 

Website design and development 

As with all our projects, our team has been working holistically to give Yellow House a site that’s dynamic, informational, and visually engaging. With website design, it’s often a balancing act between ensuring user engagement and making it easy to navigate. You want the site to entice visitors but at the same time not be cluttered and ‘noisy’.  

At Deliver, we pride ourselves on building websites from the bottom up. While this tends to be pricier than services that use a template, we know it gets better results. After all, why should you invest in a website that doesn’t show your business off and looks outdated in 1/2 years. Watch this space for a new Yellow House website in the coming months! 

 Digital marketing agency Wirral 

If any of the above services sound like they could benefit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Deliver media can also provide businesses with digital marketing services around SEO, copywriting, hosting, PPC ads, website maintenance, video, and more. Just as with Yellow House, we put ourselves in our client’s shoes and work holistically with them to grow online. 

 Get in touch today and can kick off our partnership with a free website audit.