Everyone is familiar with the shopping mayhem that surrounds Black Friday as people are on the hunt for the best possible deals. The term Cyber Monday will also be known to many, but what exactly is it? And what does it mean for businesses and consumers? This is the topic we will be exploring in this useful guide, to ensure businesses are fully prepared for Cyber Monday and make as many sales as possible. 

Defining Cyber Monday 

Cyber Monday is an American e-commerce term that refers to the last day of the Black Friday weekend deals – occurring every year after Thanksgiving in November. For consumers, it’s their last chance to make a big saving on the products they want. The day was created to encourage consumers to shop online, which over time it has been successful at achieving. 

This makes it the second-biggest day of the Black Friday period, lasting for 24 hours and taking place exclusively online. Cyber Monday 2023 will fall on Monday 27th November, so businesses should already be preparing with the deals they intend to offer. 

Why is it called Cyber Monday? 

It might seem fairly obvious, but it is known as Cyber Monday because the deals available are exclusively online. Whereas on Black Friday, deals can be found online and in stores. The term was introduced in 2005 by Shop.org, which is the online arm of the National Retail Federation. Despite originating in the United States, Cyber Monday now takes place in several countries across the world including the UK. 

What’s the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 

The main difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as mentioned above is that Cyber Monday typically takes place only online. However, this is not a strict rule as plenty of in-store businesses carry on their deals into Monday after the weekend. 

Additionally, Black Friday is best known for impressive savings on fashion, beauty, and toys. Whereas Cyber Monday deals are mostly known to cover tech items and home appliances. This is an important consideration for consumers looking out for specific types of products in the sales. 

Why is Cyber Monday important for businesses? 

As it is now a staple event in the retail calendar and its close proximity to the infamous Black Friday, its essential that e-commerce businesses and other businesses that sell online need to be prepared. This is because by offering great deals on their products, retailers can benefit significantly from the increase in interested shoppers looking for discounts on things they might not have even known they wanted. 

If there’s any excuse to spend money, it’s on Black Friday and Cyber Monday when products that are normally expensive drop down in price. As a result, customers are in a position where they don’t want to pass up heavily discounted products even if they don’t necessarily need them at that time. 

Not only that, but businesses can also use the opportunity of Cyber Monday to attract relevant customers to further sell to them later on. For example, there could be an incentive to get more discounts on products if customers sign up using their email address. Once that person has signed up, you can market to them again after Cyber Monday has passed and expand your customer base. 

Another way businesses can utilise Cyber Monday deals UK is by playing on the hype of the day with a big discount on a main product and smaller discounts on related products. A good example of this would be a business who offers a significant discount on a games console, but then less steep price cuts on products you would use with a games console like headphones, controllers, etc. This means customers will buy the main product and then be encouraged to spend more money and buy the accompanying products at the same time whilst they can make a saving on them. 

How Deliver can help businesses with Cyber Monday 

Given that Cyber Monday is all about making sales online, your website and digital marketing strategy need to be fully optimised to capture as much traffic as possible and convert them into sales. That’s where Deliver can help. As a specialist, full-service digital marketing agency our team know how to support businesses in various sectors with their online presence and lead generation, including e-commerce retailers. 

If Cyber Monday is a key time for your business, we will make sure that your website is fully prepared to consistently maximise sales every year. Contact us today to discuss your website and digital marketing needs. You can also request a free website audit from us to see how your current website is performing.