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Many companies simply don’t have the time or resources to effectively develop and manage their digital brand, specifically for lead generation… Deliver Media solve this by taking care of everything from the message right down to the lead qualifying, only passing on the hottest prospects to our clients!


is the Deliver Media OSM Service for?

Are you a business owner looking to grow your company without the commitment, high cost, ongoing overheads and HR hassle of developing new business lead generation resources in-house?

Deliver Media will do what they do best, using tried and tested digital marketing and sales techniques to bring in new business opportunities; so you can do what you do best and provide your customers with your great products and services.

Growth needs could be simply winning more sales for current products / services, or to launch exciting new ones. Of course, Deliver Media prefer to work with clients for life but if you a need short term sales boost or need to test out some new ideas, it’s all good for us.


is Deliver Media OSM?

Deliver Media OSM is an innovative Outsourced full-service digital Sales, Marketing and lead generation solution.

For a monthly fixed cost, well within your budget Deliver Media take care of our clients digital marketing, social media and lead generation needs.

The service is directly focussed on generating and converting ‘cold’ & ‘warm’ prospects into ‘hot’ potential customers nearing the end of their buying cycle. Deliver Media handle the initial follow up phone calls to ensure they only deliver the ‘hottest’ of sales leads.

It’s generally accepted that even with a good website 90% of visitors don’t enquire first time around… this however does not necessarily mean they are not interested in buying what you provide… at some point! The Deliver Media OSM service works by capturing and nurturing this lost interest, converting as much as possible into ‘hot’ new business prospects!

Deliver Media enable their clients to focus on what makes their business great; their products and services! Deliver Media take care of delivering customers ready to buy them… that’s what makes our business great!


might you need Deliver Media OSM?

Unfortunately for many businesses, their new business sales generation strategies have not kept up to date with how their potential customers now prefer to purchase their products and services. In most cases the days of hitting the phone, or even the streets, canvassing hard for leads are over, especially in B2B markets.

Today Deliver Media prefer to stand back a little, avoiding a direct contact with a company until they have done their research, asked friends and family for recommendations and then wait until they are ready to make an enquiry or direct purchase.

So how do you avoid the wasted time and money from pushing cold called lead generation?

How do you start up or grow the business, launch a new venture, enter a new market whilst streamlining and minimising costs without sacrificing the life blood of fresh new business leads?

As already mentioned 90% of website visitors don’t contact you first time around for whatever reason. However, typically 80% of new business prospects will purchase from the first business they ‘speak to’… that is the missing link!


will the Deliver Media OSM service work?

Deliver Media use over 35 years of combined digital marketing and lead generation experience, combined with the latest technology to develop and manage your online brand specifically from a sales generation perspective.

If you are thinking about employing a telesales and marketing person to grow your business… Hang on, or at least try Deliver Media OSM first!…

Deliver Media clients can save upto £54,000 in the first year by outsourcing their digital marketing needs; from the message, right down to the ‘hot’ lead qualifying!”. 

Direct cost savings are great but of course the indirect cost savings could be even greater. The potential issues of staff management and HR crisis’ can be immediately solved also;

  • No more appraisals
  • No more poor performance management / reviews
  • No more PAYE/NI, pension contributions, holidays, sick pay, cars or any other benefits

No more stress and legal risk when facing the prospect of having to let staff go;

  • This includes staff performance issues, either work related or personal related
  • But also any downturn in business for any reason
  • Or even a dramatic upturn in business requiring you to turn the sales tap off

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What our customers say…

“Our old business strategy was hard graft cold calling only. either data for telesales to call and make appointments from, or field sales teams knocking on more doors. Whilst this tactic has served us well in the past recently we’ve had more success with Deliver Media’s managed website and lead generation service… with a big reduction in overheads too!”

Daniel Feeney
Sales Manager

“Our website had always been something we tried to manage in-house via a content management system after the initial design was done. When Deliver Media took over managing our digital brand not only were we free to focus on delivering our services to our customers but as sales grew we were able to invest more in expanding our range also. Now Deliver Media are helping us expand into new markets overseas too!”

Ben Harding
Senior Partner

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